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Composition A

Piet Mondrian

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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Fade-Resistant Colours

Fade-Resistant Colours

Seamless Comfort

Seamless Comfort

Size: 36-40

Our socks come in 2 sizes: 36-40EU and 41-46EU

36-40 EU

  • Ideal for foot sizes up to 40
  • Comfortable fit 

41-46 EU

  • Perfect for foot sizes from 41 to 46
  • Optimal stretch for a perfect fit

Tip: Are you in doubt because you are a size 40.5? We recommend choosing our small size (36-40) in this case. Are you a size 46 or just above? You will probably fit our large size (41-46) just fine!

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  • 14.000+ blije kunstliefhebbers
  • Makkelijk retouren binnen 30 dagen

Embrace the purity of Piet Mondrian's "Composition A" (1923). These organic cotton socks showcase the geometric harmony of Mondrian's work. Wrap your feet in the abstract art and experience the comfort of our socks.

Here's what make our socks special
  • Vibrant Colours: Bright, fade-resistant colours bring Mondrian's vision to life, wash after wash
  • Durable Design: A reinforced heel and toe ensure your socks last longer
  • Seamless Comfort: A seamless toe ensures a comfortable fit
  • Better for the Planet: Made with organic cotton for softness that's good for the planet


We weten zeker dat jij verliefd raakt op onze sokken. Ben je na 30 dagen niet 100% tevreden? Dan zorgen wij voor een volledige terugbetaling, zonder gedoe.

Wear your love for art

Soft, comfortable and creative - these are your new favourite socks

Soft & stretchy comfort

Soft cotton with a slight stretch, super comfortable all day long

Fade-resistand colours

Wash-resistant colours that remain bright and beautiful even after dozens of washes

Made to last

Better materials make Kunstsokken last longer than other socks

Better for the environment

Our socks are made with cotton grown organically: better for you, and better for the planet

4.7/5 out of 1.256 Reviews

What customers say about our socks

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Wonderful gift

Beautiful quality socks, nice and well packaged. My daughter was super happy with them!

J.B. Rimkus, NL


I enjoy the paintings on the socks. They remind me of museum visits in the past and I look forward to going to a museum again.

Brigitta, NL

Thinking about buying Kunstsokken? Do it!!

Kunstsokken are not only beautiful, pleasant to wear, tasteful (also for others), but also of good quality after repeated washing! Anyone who wants to change the theme for a change, do it!

Brigitte, BE

Artful socks!

Fine quality socks. As an art lover, you can't help but have a pair of Kunstsokken. Also good service and fast delivery.

Korrie, NL

Beautiful and comfortable wearing socks

Kunstsokken are not only beautiful, they are also comfortable. The quality of their socks is excellent and I can recommend them to anyone.

Mr. Scheerboom, NL

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, super nice surprise in personal attention, nice quality, good print, bright colours .... AMAZING socks worthy of this Genius Art!

Mienke, NL

Very nice socks

Very nice socks, delivered quickly. Now I still have to give them as gifts


Great company with funny products

Nice company with funny/pretty products, also very customer-friendly, had a problem with 1 pair and was taken care of and dealt with immediately


Service and customer-friendliness

Nicely packaged with accompanied art postcards. Fast service, I recommend it to everyone.

H.C. Kraster

Heavenly art socks

Smooth delivery socks are of excellent quality. The socks fit wonderfully on the foot and are beautiful!

Martine Gobel

About the artist

Composition A

'Composition A' is Mondrian's first work belonging to the art movement 'De Stijl', with which Mondrian became so well known. The use of straight horizontal and vertical lines, the strict reduction to the three primary colours, combined with black, white and shades of grey, and a general sense of geometric order and balance make this work a perfect example of 'De Stijl'.

About the artist

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian started his career painting traditional landscapes. Seeking innovation, he moved to lively Paris, where he was inspired by cubism. Through his fascination with theosophy, he wanted his art to explore the universal harmony and order he saw in the world. This led to his movement towards abstraction during the De Stijl period and his later work in New York. His life and work shows a constant evolution, marked by artistic growth and personal development.

About the art movement

De Stijl

"De Stijl" or also called neo-plasticism, initiated by artists such as Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg, sought the purest and most fundamental elements of art. The idea of reducing form and colour to their essence spread to architecture, graphic design, furniture and even music. Despite being a relatively small and short-lived movement, De Stijl influenced artists and designers around the world and laid the foundation for later abstract art movements and modern design principles.