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Order 3 Pairs of Socks, Get Your 4th Pair Free

    About us

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    Three heroes in socks

    The idea of artificial socks came about when three friends wondered what could really make people happy. Art came up quite quickly, ‘because without art the earth is not much more than a large, floating stone’ was our conclusion. A lot of brainstorming and long days later, we found an answer to our question; comfortable socks with some of the most beautiful artwork ever created!

    Our socks are specially made to make people happy. That is why we have paid a lot of attention to quality by searching for the best sock formula. The result of the search is our wonderfully soft socks that last a long time.

    To introduce people, for the first collection we chose designs that we already suspected they would like; the classics! An ode to the masters of the past. And our passion for art does not stop with the golden oldies. We are already busy with new designs to make you happy and we can't wait to show them to you. Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay informed about our new designs, stories and discounts! You can also follow us on social media, so you never miss what the three heroes in socks are up to.